There has been a Moonrakers Restaurant in Alfriston for decades but the legend of Moonrakers goes back even further.

It is said that 800 years ago soon after the inception of neighbouring Seaford as a affiliate of the Cinque Ports and the King raising duties on various goods to pay for a navy, that smuggling became rife in Alfriston. One night a group of local smugglers making their way across the fields were tipped off that a customs officer was in the area.

Silently they wrapped their contraband of fine foods, silver plates, wines and spices in oiled water-proof cloths and dropped them into a shallow dew pond, where the goods remained hidden. The following night by the silvery light of the Spring moon the smugglers could be seen raking the water to find their treasures which they then carried back to the village.

There are two dining rooms, both are beamed but one is well suited to private parties and gatherings. There is also a stunning terrace where you can eat overlooking Alfriston's famous Tye, the Clergy House and the Cathedral of the South Downs-St Andrew's Church.

If it is preying on your mind there is also a James Bond book and movie called Moonraker, the tenth in the series and generally reckoned to be one of the worst. The restaurant has no known link to Roger Moore's film.

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